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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Mapping Questions
Date:02:53:24 15/05/2012

> I feel like there is a tool out there that everyone is using since all the old tools seem to have fallen off the radar around the same time, but I cannot figure it out. Any suggestions of what to use?

I'm not aware of anything using the per-packet GPS data currently, unfortunately. Most seem to use the netxml, which is less accurate (runtime averages)

> Any other tips for weeding out what is actually inside the office for rogue detection would also be very helpful.

There isn't any logic in Kismet to do it right now, but you could try setting up boundary sensors - experiment with directional panel or sector antennas, shield the back of them w/ a sheet of steel a bit bigger than the antenna, and mount it pointing out... Then you could take anything seen by the external facing sensor and either filter it or weight it as "outside"?

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