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Posted by:endus
Subject:Mapping Questions
Date:20:45:40 10/05/2012

I'm working on using Kismet for wireless rogue detection under Backtrack Linux. Everything is up and running with a BU-353 GPS unit no problem. With GISKismet I am able to generate KML files.

Here's the problem: My office is high up in a dense area and has an extreeeeeeemely wide open view of the surroundings and I am picking up tons of wireless networks around here. Because of that, using GISKismet produces a lot of access points that appear to be in my office that are not. I have driven around the neighborhood to try and get some stronger signal locations and weed them out, but this was not effective enough.

It seems like there have been plenty of methods for producing maps of wireless signal strength over the years, but none of them seem to be working for me. I really need something that can generate a map with signal strength circles on it so I can try and get some idea what is actually in my office.

I feel like there is a tool out there that everyone is using since all the old tools seem to have fallen off the radar around the same time, but I cannot figure it out. Any suggestions of what to use?

Any other tips for weeding out what is actually inside the office for rogue detection would also be very helpful.


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