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Posted by:dom123
Subject:Signal Strength
Date:09:24:05 02/05/2012

> Hi there
> Using kismet newcore, is there a way to get the signal strength of an access point as discovered/seen by each drone? In the netxml I am seeing signal strength of the access point (or client) but can't seem to determine which drone determined that signal strength.
> Thanks

Just to provide a bit more info :) this is when running multiple drones using AR9xxx chips. All drones are using the same configuration. Version is kismet-2010-07-R1.

At present the <snr-info>...</snr-info> is inside the <wireless-network> and <wireless-client> XML blocks, but need it on a per drone basis (within <seen-card> I guess).

Can you offer any guidance on how to achieve this please? Happy to get my hands dirty with code changes, but would prefer not to if this is already possible somehow.


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