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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Channel model
Date:19:00:44 23/04/2012

> Thanks for your reply, channel model is a set of equations you use to convert a received signal strength to a distance (estimates propagation distance from signal strength losses between two terminals). e.g. HATA, SUI, ITU, etc.
> So does Kismet consider time delay to estimate a position of an access point (AP) ?

No - how would you know when the packet was sent to calculate a time delay? They're sent 10x a second but you can't know when a random AP started it's opinion of when a second is.

> Assume Kismet detected a packet from APo, can Kismet estimate the location of APo ? if yes then what measurement Kismet is using ?

Like I said - Kismet knows only one thing about location: where you are (or rather, where your gps thinks it is) for a given packet.

Anything else is averaging and guessing.

Circle an AP 100 times logging all packet locations, you get an average of where the AP probably is.

Walk in circles 200 feet away from an AP, and it'll average out to be 200 feet away.

This doesn't even factor in multipath reflection, fade, etc.

Calculating the position of a device from a single sensor is basically futile; your guesses will only be as good as your coverage, and if you don't know where the device is, your coverage pattern can't be optimized.

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