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Posted by:ponga
Subject:Only type 802.11a and channel 0 reported in kismet (ath9k)?
Date:17:05:01 23/04/2012

> Kismet pulls it off the per-packet headers; I'd guess your drivers are returning bogus radiotap headers.
> You could try looking at the wlanXmon interface in wireshark while kismet is running to get some additional info; look at the radiotap portion of the packet headers.
> Try upgrading your drivers - either to the latest kernel or to wireless-compat.

Ya, those are good ideas. Both Kismet and Wireshark report bogus mode/chan info, but why would wireless-tools (iwlist) report correct? Perhaps because iwlist is looking at wlan1 while kismet/wireshark is pulling from the monitor interface (wlan1mon)..? Cool, thanks for the ideas, we'll try that.

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