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Posted by:ponga
Subject:Only type 802.11a and channel 0 reported in kismet (ath9k)?
Date:16:48:40 23/04/2012

So, I got the Ubiquity SR71 (ath9k) installed and Kismet sees it.. the problem is, Kismet see's *ALL* AP's as 802.11a, same freq, same channel (channel 0); but when I look with iwlist wlan1 scan, the band/mode/freq is reported correctly (a,b,g,n whatever)... whilst kismet only sees chan0/802.11a - which is interesting because if I do a pcap using wireshark, the frame headers ALSO show 802.11a/channel_whatever... so, anybody think of why this might be or what I might do to remedy?? THX>

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