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Posted by:ennis
Subject:Channel model
Date:14:54:58 23/04/2012

> > Can anyone specify which channel model Kismet is using to estimate an object position from a received signal strength ? If this model does exist in kismet source code, then it'll be very appreciated to refer to the file name.
> > Many thanks
> Don't know what you mean by "channel model".
> Kismet knows one thing: Where you are when you get a packet. There is no way to know where a packet came from, only where you are when you saw it. Signal strength in wifi is almost completely worthless & kismet doesn't use it for anything run-time. You can try to use it from the XML for off-line plotting.

Thanks for your reply, channel model is a set of equations you use to convert a received signal strength to a distance (estimates propagation distance from signal strength losses between two terminals). e.g. HATA, SUI, ITU, etc.

So does Kismet consider time delay to estimate a position of an access point (AP) ?

Assume Kismet detected a packet from APo, can Kismet estimate the location of APo ? if yes then what measurement Kismet is using ?

Many thanks

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