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Posted by:laserpad
Subject:Adding kistap0 to bridge
Date:04:30:52 20/04/2012

> > How would I go about adding Kismet's virtual interface, kistap0, to a bridge on a machine where the kismet server/interface resides?
> >
> > I tried "brctl addif $bridge kistap0" but since it is a tap, it will not add it to the bridge.
> >
> > Suggestions or workarounds?
> I don't think it will work; it's a dot11 DLT which works well for wireshark but which nothing else understands.
> What are you trying to do that you're trying to use a bridge?

Snort integration. Newer versions, I believe, combine all interfaces (eth0, eth1, etc.) into one interface (mon0) and I was trying to add it to the monitor interface. When I try to add it to that interface and start Snort, it dies due to encapsulation. The alternative is to use Kismet pcaps, which works, but not as effective.

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