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Posted by:m86
Subject:Good dual-band card recommendation PLZ
Date:23:11:20 16/04/2012

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> > Something atheros is your best bet. Ubiquity makes some. PCMCIA isn't going to happen (old 16bit isa-style standard). Some cardbus (32-bit PCI-style) still exists, many will now be expresscard.
> So do you know of a good atheros-based USB card that is confirmed to work?? THX>

for USB

AR7010+AR9280 devices (excepting the Xbox wireless adapters) use ath9k_htc which is pretty nice, but I haven't done any N sniffing with them, ath9k_htc is probably the best USB driver in the kernel in terms of raw throughput for non-sniffing use

AR9170 devices use carl9170 which mostly works, has been recommended for N sniffing, validatefcs=true is a recommended option for Kismet

for CardBus

just the Ubiquiti Networks SR71-C which is pretty nice, it uses ath9k which should be well supported

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