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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Debugging "PCAP radiotap converter got corrupted Radiotap header length"
Date:20:14:05 07/04/2012

> Hi all,

> I ran this program trying to send a data packet to the other computer via the mon0 interface while keeping kismet-server running in the background on mon0. It appears to see the packet each time, but thinks its wrongly formatted, giving me the following error:
> "PCAP radiotap converter got corrupted Radiotap header length"
> It would appear I'm not formatting my raw packet correctly, but I can't see where I'm going wrong (the C code I'm using dumps out packets that appear to adhere to the radiotap and 802.11 format, which I've verified by doing a hex dump of the packets).
> Any ideas what the problem might be, or if there is a way to use kismet to get further insight? Should I be using the mon0 interface to send raw WiFi packets, or some other "raw" version of the interface?

Short answer - use lorcon? It's meant to handle all of that.

Long answer, I don't have the time to go through your radiotap header generation right now. When you write packets via a raw socket they show up to other monitoring interfaces; while kismet should handle it fine, either your header is corrupt, or so minimal that kismet is throwing it out because it doesn't make sense.

I'd try putting it through wireshark and checking more closely, or using lorcon.

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