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Posted by:reddiepenguin
Subject:Kismet on N810 with Bluetooth GPS?
Date:04:36:02 06/04/2012

> I haven't had any issues using the Nokia N810 internal GPS or the external bluetooth Tomtom MkII GPS with MiniGPSD and Kismet (newcore and oldcore). I obtained the Tomtom after reddiepenguin suggested it so I could test it out and update the configuration tutorial that he used. The tutorial has screenshots on pairing the bt device and configuring MiniGPSD.

I only have one problem now.

Even though the GPS logs and other info in Kismet appear to be working as coded, I am having issues with converting it into map format (kml).

I have tried at least two Kismet GPS to KML (Google Earth).

pykismetkml seems to be the only one that works for the most part (for some reason have to use an older version).

pykismetkml for some reason puts everything one street over, even on streets I was not on.

Another one I believe was kisgearth went totally crazy on me and was telling me my WiFi spots were off the coast of Nigera in the middle of the water, LoL. I heard of wardriving but warsailing?

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