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Posted by:craig
Subject:Obtain streaming packet sizes from Kismet
Date:00:53:42 30/03/2012

> I'd write a plugin and dump it out over the client protocol.
> A good place to start is plugin-gpstxt - it shows how to do basic plugin setup and attach to the packet chain. That gets you the size of packets easily.
> plugin-spectools shows you how to set up a new network protocol - look for RegisterProtocol.
> basically you'd want to define a new protocol with your tuple fields, then attach to the packet chain, and send a sentence w/ your per packet data.
> If you swing by #kismet on I can talk to you more about it realtime. I'm a bit under the weather so i might not respond immediately.

Thanks for the pointers. The quick and dirty approach is working pretty well right now. If the project takes off, I'll probably do the plugin approach to make it more modular.

Thanks again,

-- Craig

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