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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:How configure Kismet for USB wi-fi card ASUS-N13
Date:23:51:53 26/03/2012

> > > Hi all, please help me solve problem.
> > > I bought USB WI-fi card ASUS-N13, and want to try kismet.
> >
> > > Then I'm change config kismet, set "source" string as follow
> > > source=rt2800usb,wlan0,Ralink
> >
> > You're using an ANCIENT version of kismet from 2008. Upgrade via the Download link. You're probably using a distribution like Ubuntu which ships broken ancient versions.
> I had ubuntu 11.10 and "Ubuntu Software Centre" installed very old Kismet.

Yes. Ubuntu likes to ship extremely outdated code for some reason.

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