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Posted by:qnftjd
Subject:The size of all pcapdump file is always 24 bytes!!!
Date:09:10:15 13/03/2012

Thank you for your advice....

There is one mistake on my previous message. I am sorry.

This is correct.

> > Looks like your drone isn't actually capturing any data. I'd investigate there - make sure your interfaces are coming up right, test tcpdump on the wlan0mon interface on openwrt.

I had pcap files by tcpdump on the wlan0 interface on openwrt without kismet server. then wlan0 in monitor mode might be capture any packet.

Running the Wireshark on ethernet port on kismet server, I can see a lot of packets from kismet drone to kismet server and acknowledgement from kismet server to kismet drone. But the size of dump files is always 24bytes.

and in my logfie .netxml, I think all information might be correct
excecept <card-packets>0</card-packets> field.

<card-source uuid="26a931b2-abab-11df-a947-30040c171802">



Is there any problem on firewall of kismet server on my Fedora?

> > I run a kismet drone (2010 version direct from ipkg repo) on an ath9k openwrt install for testing and it works fine, targetting against the latest SVN kismet. There have been some fixes and improvements to drones in SVN but nothing that should keep it from working.

There is a kismet drone package on Backfire openwrt opkg repositary. but the version is 2009-06-R1-2.

Thank you for reading....

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