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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Generate .gpsxml file without gps?
Date:20:52:56 11/03/2012

> Hi,
> I really need .gpsxml for my project because I need to collect rss data during certain period of time and extract signal strengths measurements. But Kismet only generate the .gpsxml file when gps device is on.
> Is any way to generate .gpsxml without gps?? I didnt see any option in config file.

No, however if you log in PPI format (controlled by the config file, turned on by default) your signal levels will be in there in the per packet headers. Make sure you have a modern kismet (2011, SVN) not the old kismet, to get this option.

RSSI is perhaps not the best way to refer to it, btw. RSSI is the raw signal data from the card, and is available only when there is no known method to turn that signal data into a real signal level. For the most part, you want dBm.

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