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Posted by:Lickity
Subject:Currently running kismet drones on WRT54GLs but are there updates?
Date:09:11:14 08/03/2012

> > Like the subject says I'm running kismet drones on old linksys routers. However, I know that the version of kismet that is running is old and won't detect newer attacks such as WPS bruteforcing. I just want to verify that there are no updates to these WRT54G versions so if someone could please let me know I'd appreciate it. Also, if there are other methods then I would be interested to hear about them
> There is no "wrt54g version" of kismet.
> I have no idea what version you might be running - consult your distribution and find out.
> In general I strongly discourage people from the wrt54g, because the binary driver makes things highly problematic and unreliable.
> Openwrt, in general, has the 2010 drone code, which works fine with the latest kismet server.
> Drones do not perform IDS.

Sorry I should have specified the wrt54 packages that enable you to run the drone on the wrt54 platform.

I was never referring to the version of kismet server or client simply the drone. However, I know that the "old core" drone will not work with the "new core" server so what I've been looking for is a wrt54 package that has the compatible drone for kismet "new core" server.

I've been running my drones without any issues for a couple of weeks now, but if they do become unstable I'll probably search for an alternative or abandon the project and sell the units. If you have any suggestions for cheap alternatives I'm all ears.

Thanks for the info about the openwrt code. I've been using ddwrt but much of it seems to have become convoluted and outdated.

So if I'm using drones then I won't see any alerts at the server/client?

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