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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:The size of all pcapdump file always 24 bytes!!!
Date:14:23:45 05/03/2012

> The below log is from my kismet_server on desk-top pc.

> INFO: Started source 'drone'
> INFO: kismet_capture pid 14443 synced with Kismet server, starting service
> loop
> INFO: Kismet drone client connected to remote server "Kismet-Drone" using
> protocol version 1
> INFO: Saved data files
> INFO: Saved data files
> INFO: Saved data files
> INFO: Saved data files

> As you can see, I have some pcapdump files.
> But the size of all file is 24 bytes only and I can not see any packet on Wireshark.
> What's wrong? Please give any hint!!!
> Thank you for attention...

Looks like your drone isn't actually capturing any data. I'd investigate there - make sure your interfaces are coming up right, test tcpdump on the wlan0mon interface on openwrt.

I run a kismet drone (2010 version direct from ipkg repo) on an ath9k openwrt install for testing and it works fine, targetting against the latest SVN kismet. There have been some fixes and improvements to drones in SVN but nothing that should keep it from working.

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