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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:OSX Lion Support
Date:04:14:01 27/02/2012

> I've installed Kismet on my Macbook Air running OSX Lion and I"m unable to obtain the Airport card (en0) as a source. Based on a Forum comment in 2011, is Lion supported yet?
> If it is, then I must be doing something wrong in the config file for ncsource and/or with the OUI setup.
> My goal is to use Kismet to detect the SSID for some of my consumer electronics which are using a manufacturer-set N 5 Ghz network that doesn't broadcast its SSID.

Kismet works fine with lion if you use a very recent version of lion (initial releases removed the wireless API; newer versions added it back).

Make sure you're using a recent kismet (latest release, not something from one of the ports collections which is old), and make sure you point it at your wireless device and not wired.

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