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Posted by:ThePoolPlayer
Subject:Kismet doesn't detect any networks
Date:19:59:16 09/02/2012

> > > Hi I'm a newbie and need to know what I should do. Please know that I'm a beginner. I would write more but I don't know what information I should give. Thanks for the replies in advance.
> >
> > Posting the OS, device, driver, kernel version, and kismet version would be a start.
> >
> > In general:
> >
> > Make sure you're on linux (it's the best supported OS for kismet).
> >
> > If you're on windows, unless you have an AirPcap physical device, you're out of luck.
> >
> > Make sure you're running the latest kismet - not the latest your distribution says, since some suck and ship years-out-of-date versions. You want the latest from the download link above.
> >
> > Make sure you're using an in-kernel driver; there's some crappy out-of-kernel stuff which tends to work like crap. If your interface is called 'usb0' or some such nonsense, it's probably a crap driver.
> >
> > Kismet auto-detects things for the most part now, if you're using the new version and a modern kernel, just follow the quickstart guide in the readme or the documentation link, and tell it what your wireless interface is - it's probably 'wlan0'.
> Hey...thanks for the response. The OS I'm using is backtrack 5 the new release. As for the other stuff I don't know how to find out. Can you tell me please,

to be more specific it's backtrack 5 R1

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