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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet doesn't detect any networks
Date:14:44:43 09/02/2012

> Hi I'm a newbie and need to know what I should do. Please know that I'm a beginner. I would write more but I don't know what information I should give. Thanks for the replies in advance.

Posting the OS, device, driver, kernel version, and kismet version would be a start.

In general:

Make sure you're on linux (it's the best supported OS for kismet).

If you're on windows, unless you have an AirPcap physical device, you're out of luck.

Make sure you're running the latest kismet - not the latest your distribution says, since some suck and ship years-out-of-date versions. You want the latest from the download link above.

Make sure you're using an in-kernel driver; there's some crappy out-of-kernel stuff which tends to work like crap. If your interface is called 'usb0' or some such nonsense, it's probably a crap driver.

Kismet auto-detects things for the most part now, if you're using the new version and a modern kernel, just follow the quickstart guide in the readme or the documentation link, and tell it what your wireless interface is - it's probably 'wlan0'.

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