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Posted by:191969
Subject:Some newbie Questions
Date:03:21:20 02/02/2012

> I can also help you with your gathering realtime data problem. Try enabling the following options on your server to enable a virtual interface to be created there so you can see realtime traffic from it.
> # Do we export packets over tun/tap virtual interfaces?
> tuntap_export=true
> # What virtual interface do we use
> tuntap_device=kistap0


so I set up tun/tap, but I am not sure, if i can retrieve more information
via the tuntap interface... I think there is a more generic problem with
my kismet_drone / or server setup... some kind of "the driver lacks this
when I start drone_server, it opens a tcp port 2501 where I can e.g.
telnet and see some messages, but nothing that would bring me one step ahead.

Anyways... do you have a Setup, that gives all the information from the drones to the server like i need them (signal strength and noise from ALL clients roaming around )?

The more I google around, the more confused I become... can someone surely confirm, the the current release of the kismet drone at all gathers signal strength and so on?

I experimented a little bit with tcpdump and this also drives me crazy... running the command on my laptop gives a lot more information than when i am
running the same command from the AP-shell... wtf... (and both systems have
tcpdump 4.1.1 installed....)
(e.g.: tcpdump -s 0 -tttvvv -n -e -i mon.wlan0 -y IEEE802_11_RADIO -w wifi.pcap )

thank you,

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