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Posted by:191969
Subject:Some newbie Questions
Date:21:25:10 01/02/2012

> What version of Openwrt? I tried the latest one but for my Atheros chipset, I've had the best results when using 10.03.1-rc3. Also, what's your source line look like? mine's
> ncsource=wlan0:type=ath9k,hop=false,channel=5,forcevap=false
> I had issues with vap creation on my device and had to install some additional packages (TUN/TAP) for it to work, but just disabling it made it work instantly for me.


thanks for this tip. I adopted my line from




and this made the ERROR disappear.
Meanwhile I found out, that everything was already there (so to say that the error did not really corrupt anything) and it is indeed a manner of
"filtering" the dump, to get all the infos I need.... still learning...

What I noe still would like to now...

How can I filter the SignalStrength and SNR from ANY client around from the pcapdumpfile?
Is there another way of gathering the data in realtime than tcpdumping the
file asynchronously?
How can I get all the client infos into the XML (Kismet.netxml) file?

How can I "sync" all drones, so that theiĀ“re timestamps are really synchronized,
which is quite important for my purpose of localisation? Will using the same NTP Server (on the LAN) on all drones do the trick?

thanks again,

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