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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet as an IDS to generate alerts
Date:17:33:54 31/01/2012

> > > I am working on wireless network security project which needs an IDS and I am currently trying to use kismet as IDS for L2 attacks.
> > > Can someone please tell me how to generate the various alerts mentioned on the kismet website. Right now i have only been able to perform DEAUTHFLOOD alert with the help of aireplay-ng software can some one pls tell me which software to use or how to generate the other alerts
> >
> > Lorcon, aircrack, karma, metasploit, reaver will generally generate what you need (as they are the tools the IDS stuff is generally written to detect). The readme lists specific attacks where possible.
> Thanks for the help and can you please tell me if it is possible to combine kismet with snort (not snort-wireless) and does it require a lot of time to learn and setup snort to generate alerts by writing rules

Maybe? I don't use snort. If you can pull in syslog entries, then, yes. I don't know how one writes rules for that.

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