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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:get a log of every time instead of [First time - Last time] from netxml
Date:15:53:28 28/01/2012

> I was mixing versions of kismet. Bad idea. the version in Fedora 15 didn't have some fields that 2011.03.R2 had. I can get the UUID and signal strength now.
> I just need to put some code together to s/uuid/name in the config/

I'm at a con right now, but next week if you get on #kismet on freenode we can chat real-time about it.

You'd probably want to map the !SOURCE sentence, which will give you UUID + source name + interfaces.

Right this moment, Drones are a bit broken - they work, but all the packets show up as coming from the drone source. It's supposed to make a virtual source for every source on the drone, so if your drone uses wlan0:name=drone1wlan0 , it would show up in kismet as coming from drone1wlan0. That code is broken right now, but I'm working on it - I'm changing a lot of things around that code, so I'm letting it languish for now.

If you want to use the kismet-svn code, the new network tracker is in place, which will ultimately replace the existing code. Instead of !NETWORK you have !DEVICE, which will be any kind of device of any PHY (dot11, zigbee, bluetooth, etc, depending on config), and then dot11-specific stuff in other sentences like !DOT11SSID !DOT11DEVICE and !DOT11CLIENT. Ultimately you'll want to use that stuff, but the old tracker code will be in place at least through the next release.

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