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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:get a log of every time instead of [First time - Last time] from netxml
Date:18:14:44 27/01/2012

> Is there a way to have kismet log every time it has seen a packet instead of losing data by creating a summary? I realize this would be a lot of data, but I'd like to use the in-between values and times and not just a box bounded by min/max first-time/last-time if possible.

yes and no.

No, it's not available in kismet per se.

Yes, you could get it - one way would be to pull it from the gpsxml, if you have a gps connected.

The other way would be to pull it using a custom client - look at the ruby/ directory, you could pretty easily pull a *NETWORK sentence (soon to become *DEVICE with the phy-neutral code). You could do it in any other language, too. That will give you per-second precision on active networks, which I think is what you'd like?

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