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Posted by:jameswhite
Subject:Reverse Wardriving
Date:15:18:35 27/01/2012

I've got kismet_server set up connecting to 3 drones in known, static, locations.

I'm trying to figure out how to get data out of it for a give packet:
time captured, drone_ID, BSSID of remote station, Signal strength.

Just trying to see if I can use the proportional strength of the wifi signal between the 3 drones (which are running the same make and model of hardware) to locate the wifi station or wifi client that is probing. I know it won't be accurate to the foot or anything like that. I'm just interested in getting in the ballpark.

Can someone point me to a document or code as to how to grab these 4 attributes from the server as they come in from the drones?


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