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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:WPS flaw identified
Date:04:09:28 10/01/2012

> > > >
> > > > Kismet-SVN properly detects WPS now, too. (Though only in the phy-neutral tracker core, which is about to make an appearance in the UI)
> > > Yeah, noticed that in the server console messages, that AP's with WPS enabled list that.
> > >
> > > Any chance of an alert for Reaver-type attacks ?
> >
> > Definitely, it's on the list.
> Can you make some reaver caps of it in action? There's a serious lack of WPS networks near me for testing and I'd like to make sure the detector sees the right thing.

I'll email you a couple of pcaps of a reaver attack session, one from the attacking machine, and one from a machine running kismet, locked on the channel of the AP.

Basically, check for association followed by eapol packets, followed by dissassociation. But the pcaps should show you what you need.


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