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Posted by:lanoitarus
Subject:Exeperience with Kismet on Plug-type computers (ARM)
Date:00:43:13 04/01/2012

Hey dagrundy -- we never did get it working unfortunately, although it was mostly due to being swamped with other things. We compiled and installed newcore without issue, but we simply couldn't get it to recognize the built in wifi chip. We meant to buy and try out some usb wifi adapters next, but frankly just got distracted.

We'll probably come back to it eventually, the form factor and low energy consumption of the plugs is would be ideal for our project, but for now we are taking the downhill slope and just using cheap netbooks running ubuntu.

If you do figure anything out I'd love to hear about it. Dragorn, if you are at all interested in this form factor, I'd gladly buy you a plug to play around with. If nothing else, they make an excellent paperweight.

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