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Posted by:frdy
Subject:No BSSTIMESTAMP alert on timestamp reset
Date:11:25:20 24/12/2011

I do some tests with kismet as IDS and I've observed strange behaviour of BSSTIMESTAMP alert.
First, let's give some more info:

kismet_server -v: Kismet 2011-03-R2

in kismet.conf there is:
so I suppose it's enabled, am I right here ?

My test has following steps:
1. Working AP sending broadcast beacons
2. Kismet started and locked on channel of my AP
3. Check current timestamp with iw <my-sta-wlan-interface> scan which output:
TSF: 92979585 usec (0d, 00:01:32)

4. Disable/enable radio interface on AP
5. iw <my-sta-wlan-interface> scan output:
TSF: 4301866 usec (0d, 00:00:04)
( timestamp resetted )

No alert in kismet. As far as I understand kismet doc on BSSTIMESTAMP, alert should be generated.
Did I misunderstood description of this alert or there is another timestamp taken in account ?

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