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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:A Couple of Questions if you please...
Date:20:06:29 19/12/2011

> Hello,
> I'm hoping that someone can answer a couple of questions on Kismet that I can't seem to find elsewhere...
> I can use filter_tracker filter to filter the seen BSSIDs to the wanted one, and lock the channel onto it to capture all packets...but, what happens if the access point changes it's channel? Will Kismet also change the channel? Can I lock it onto the same channel as the BSSID, regardless of what channel that is, even if it changes?

No, not currently. That would require it to be hopping, to know where it's now advertising.

> I have used the hidedata=true option to prevent capturing packet payloads...but at what level does the data get stripped from the packet? Is it application or down at driver?

Application layer. Data frames are trimmed to the data length as soon as the header is decoded. 802.11 has a variable length header depending on the packet type and options w/in packet types, so it's not possible to do this with an absolute value.

> Is there any way to get Kismet to automatically start the server and log automatically? Once I type 'kismet' into the console, it always asks me a few for a few options...if I define the source etc. in the conf file, can I get it to begin logging as soon as it is initiated? Ultimately, I want to get it to run automatically when linux boots...


> Thanks in advance!

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