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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Discover known, but idle smartphones?
Date:00:49:37 11/12/2011

> So is there a workaround without modifying the smartphone or the APs?
> Setup:
> - The smartphone is connected to a known SSID.
> - Root access to the APs
> - Single AP in monitor mode running Kismet
> - The smartphone's MAC address is known.

If you have access to the AP association table, correlate by polling that from your central monitor.

Otherwise, no - unless you send traffic to wake up the phone (not nice) you can't do much.

To compound your problem, a lot of phones (ie, android) default to disassociating wifi entirely when the screen is off, unless the user picks a more aggressive setting. It's not just idle - it's no longer on the AP. It will rejoin when they turn the phone back on. iPhone has some form of disassoc while off as well I believe.

Sorry for the bad news.

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