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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:openBSD - spectools-2011-08-R1 not recognizing wi-spy device...
Date:17:32:26 25/11/2011

> Your previous statement is not quite true. Whether I conduct the "blacklisting" or not, I still receive the same readings/response from usbdev in that the os recognizes the Metageek device but the spectools application acts as if the device is no where to be found. Are there any flags, initialization switches that I can attempt to tweak with in spectools while I attempt to load the app? Thanks again for you help.

I thought you had detected the device previously.

Try the latest SVN of spectools.

If that doesn't see the wispy, then it seems like libusb can't scan your usb bus properly on openbsd. Not sure what the fix could be then; something in libusb.

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