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Posted by:abhinav
Subject:doubt in reading radiotap header for atheros driver
Date:22:32:40 22/11/2011

I am parsing the radiotap header using kismet code
The release i am reading is kismet-old-2009-05-R1
In, lines 815 and later are as follows :

for (last_presentp = &hdr->it_present;
(EXTRACT_LE_32BITS(last_presentp) & BIT(IEEE80211_RADIOTAP_EXT)) != 0 &&
(u_char*)(last_presentp + 1) <= data + EXTRACT_LE_16BITS(&hdr->it_len);

Basically this is to find the bounds of the bitmap to be read for finding the different values as signal, noise etc.

The loop does only runs once, and hence I am not able to get any value of the bitmap.
Can someone tell if this is right ?
I also don't find *data* being initialized to any value in the code flow, apart from it being declared as an array of 10240 bytes.

I can't run kismet on my router as it will be very heavy on it, and hence i am just writing the related code.

Any help on this will be highly appreciated.


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