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Posted by:bstephens
Subject:openBSD - spectools-2011-08-R1 not recognizing wi-spy device...
Date:22:40:42 21/11/2011

> > I have a set of circumstances where the spectools-2011-08-R1 source code complies without any issues but when there is an attempt to initiate the application (spectools_(gtk/curses/raw) the app(s) will not recognize the wi-spy 2.4x device. Interestingly enough the kernal (os) recognizes the device (as uhidev0) instantly once it is inserted into the usb port. The os is openBSD 4.9. Does anyone have any suggestions as to some possible next steps that would assist in resolving this issue? Thank you.
> There used to be a patch for some variants of BSD to enable detatching the device from the kernel HID driver, but I don't think it was for openBSD.
> To do raw interaction with the device, it must be unclaimed. The kernel HID driver grabbing it blocks spectools from accessing it.
> I don't know much about OpenBSD - if you have a blacklist file that you can use to block the kernel from attaching to specific devices, put the wi-spy IDs in there and see if you can keep the kernel hid from attaching.

Within openBSD one has the ability through the user kernel config (UKC) option do various kernel tweakings which include the ability to disable various drivers and in utilizing this feature I have been able to have the os only recognize the metageek wispy as a usb device that has be placed into a usb port. Specifically the os states

"MetaGeek Wi-Spy 2.4x" rev 2.00/1.00 addr 2 at uhub4 port 1 not configured

Unfortunately after firing up Spectools it still does not recognize the device. Any additional thoughts?

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