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Posted by:oozypal
Subject:Meaningful data from Wardriving (Kismet)
Date:18:00:32 14/11/2011

> > Hello,
> >
> > I am doing a research on Wireless and my Professor asked me to do wardriving and get some meaningful graphs or statistical data.
> >
> > Can you guys help me?
> >
> > What can I get from the Kisment file. Can I withdraw inferences?
> >
> > Any idea is appreciated.
> Data is logged in the XML file.
> You get coverage, crypto use, client density, AP density, AP manufacturer types, client types... Lots of useful information.

Sweet, I am getting there.

These are raw data. Do you any idea about making statistical analysis on the data or draw a graph of some sort, etc?

Thank you

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