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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:ENABLE PACKET - how to start capturing?
Date:15:59:22 14/11/2011

> I'm afraid we should stick to server side with our code. We need to get signal strength for each packet received from wireless device on kismet server. As we have more than one kismet server we need filter and decode packet on server side just before sending them to the client.
> Do you hear about plugin which does this functionality or similar? If we still need to write this plugin could you suggest reasonable starting point for it? We have strong java experience (over 10 years) but unfortunately just basic knowledge with c++.

If you want to run multiple servers you'd put the plugin on each and aggregate at the client.

If you switched to a drone setup, you'd run the plugin on one server, aggregate there, and run a single client.

There are a number of plugins in the SVN which show how to tie into the packet chain, create commands, and create new server protocols.

I'd suggest implementing a filter command where you say what you want realtime per-packet info on. I might even implement something where it aggregates packets before trying to shove signal data over the client channel; if you go into a high-density high-speed area where there are hundreds or thousands of packets a second, trying to ram that all over the client protocol is probably going to go poorly.

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