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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:ENABLE PACKET - how to start capturing?
Date:00:02:12 10/11/2011

> Hi,
> I have started playing a bit with kismet server to capture some network characteristics and evaluated possibility to write some custom client for it.
> How can I enable capturing packets from configured source? "PACKET" is listed as protocol on my server and I can query for capabilties but when I "!1234 ENABLE PACKET *" I only get ack "ok" and no packets on telent session.
> As far now everything works great, I can capture all information with kismet_client, dumpfiles contains all capture packets with full information about them.

packet is an old protocol. It will make a reappearance at some point but I'm not sure when, or in what form. It's not very compatible with the phy-neutral plans.

if you need access to the live packet stream, your best bet is to either tie into the livetap functionality, or work on a plugin for the server. Under large packet load situations, the client/server stuff simply isn't going to be able to handle stringifying that many packets and shoving them over that link.

Depending what you want to do it may be possible to get at the data another way; if you want to look directly at packets though, you generally want to be on the server side, so that means a server plugin there.

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