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Posted by:Smigielski
Subject:ENABLE PACKET - how to start capturing?
Date:22:00:20 09/11/2011


I have started playing a bit with kismet server to capture some network characteristics and evaluated possibility to write some custom client for it.

How can I enable capturing packets from configured source? "PACKET" is listed as protocol on my server and I can query for capabilties but when I "!1234 ENABLE PACKET *" I only get ack "ok" and no packets on telent session.

As far now everything works great, I can capture all information with kismet_client, dumpfiles contains all capture packets with full information about them.

Could you suggest me how can I retrieve capture packets?

When I telnet to server I get:
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
*KISMET: 0.0.0 1320874852 serwer pcapdump,netxml,nettxt,gpsxml,alert 0
*TIME: 1320874969
*TIME: 1320874970
*ACK: 1234 OK
*CAPABILITY: PACKET type,subtype,timesec,encrypted,weak,beaconrate,sourcemac,destmac,bssid,ssid,prototype,sourceip,destip,sourceport,destport,nbtype,nbsource,sourcename
*ACK: 1235 OK

Marek Smigielski

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