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Posted by:smaskell
Subject:newcore UI mud slow?
Date:05:36:47 25/10/2011

> >
> > never mind, I figured it out.
> > I was missing the radeon driver's firmware file and apparently without it kismet UI REALLY crawls. (needed to install firmware-linux-nonfree) Strange as other ncurses apps I had weren't similarly affected. Whatever. Now I'm up and cooking with gas. If I can just get the new shortcut keys figured out...
> I suspect it was your whole system choking every time it tries to change channel (which probably tries to do a firmware load).
> Alternately, it's locking the app issuing the ioctl (kismet) when it tries to change channel, again due to a firmware load.
> Good that you narrowed it down.

radeon is the ATI(AMD) video chipset driver, not the radio driver. The driver tries to download vendor microcode to the video chipset when the system starts and my debian install (squeeze) didn't include the microcode. Other than kismet, I didn't notice any video problems though.

kismet client was slow before it even got to the point of starting the server. The rest of the system ran fine, no issues. I started looking at the dmesg video section just on a hunch and found where it was failing to load the firmware. Install it and then restarted the system. All systems go from then on.


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