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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Read Kismet pcapdump to see URL only
Date:03:57:17 25/10/2011

> > strings foo.pcap | grep http ?
> I am sorry, I am still going through the Kismet configuration & settings so don't know if .pcap and .pcapdump file are the same? Can we generate .pcap through Kismet?

Yes they are the same.

> 30783 392.089413 -> HTTP 1127 GET /widgets/images/f.gif?button=blue&screen_name=YahooProjector&show_count=false&show_screen_name=true&lang=en&twttr_variant=1.1& HTTP/1.1
> which is readable but still not the full url. I am still reading so if you find any link useful, please let me know. I would be really thankful!

Looks like a full URL to me.

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