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Posted by:hashes
Subject:Antennas for Kismet and wardriving. Questions.
Date:14:21:31 14/10/2011

I have placed an order with Amazon for the:
Alfa AWUS036H and the AWUS051NH. Amazon, for some reason do not want to ship to Norway. But I am able to ship them inside the USA and have them shipped privately to Norway. The problem is that it will take time before they reach me.

I did try a wardriving test with my internal network card and it did pick up plenty of networks. My bachelor project only has to do with statistics when it comes to networks. I want to find out how many are using WEP encryption compared to WPA encryption. And as long as I get many networks I can do the statistics. I don't need every network in sight.

Is there a difference between my internal network card and these Alfa cards? I know that these Alfa cards probably will pick up more networks. But will I come into a situation where my internal network card will not pick up different WPA's while these Alfa's will, rendering my statistics invalid?

I have tried searching on this, but have not gotten a clear answer through different websites.

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