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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet log viewer
Date:17:42:47 13/10/2011

> > > Dragon,
> > >
> > > Are you aware of any working tools that sort and chart Kismet data? KLV is great, but doesn't seem to work with new versions of Kismet.
> >
> > It'd be great to see something that uses XSLT to format things, I've got some XSLT examples in SVN for the new XML format that phy-neutral will use.
> Have you written any highlights about phy-neutral? Where can I find them?
> I'm about to have one of my developers write something to parse the current XML output. However, if changes are planned, I may put this on hold.

Discussion about it is on the kismet blog (rss at the top of the page).

The format is changing to support common logging of all phy types, yes. It will in theory be possible to use XSLT to translate to the older format, but it will lose the non-dot11 devices.

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