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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet drone on router Ubiquiti Bullet M
Date:14:48:39 11/10/2011

> Hi there! I am still trying to get that kismet_drone on router + kismet_server on a computer working for me. I had to switch routers since the one I used before should stay online via its wifi-interface.

> But when I run the kismet_drone it seems to work at first, but as soon as I let a kismet_server connect to it from remote, it will die by segmentation fault (see log)

Something is obviously wrong - either in the code, or in the build you're running, or in how the drivers respond.

Without getting a core dump from the device, and having a symboled version of the binary you're running, I'm not sure there's much I can suggest.

If you can get GDB running on the device, having a backtrace of the drone crashing would be crucial.

> The Kismet_Server running on my netbook has been checked out from your svn and built yesterday.

The server worked fine with the other drone you were running, which implies it's something unique to this other platform - either the build or the drivers, or some weird alignment issue w/ a different CPU model, but one mips to another shouldn't be different in that regard.

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