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Posted by:hashes
Subject:Antennas for Kismet and wardriving. Questions.
Date:15:12:16 10/10/2011

> Factoring in the cost of antennas, the cheapest route might be to get an Alfa from Amazon (or whatever vendor is cheapest in your area), throw it in a plastic bag with a magnet, and throw it on the roof. That would probably run you about $40-$50US, eliminate cable loss for the antenna, give you a NIC you can connect arbitrary antennas to, etc. If you go this route, get the 5db gain ones, not the crazy foot-long antenna models.
> I suspect an Alfa in a baggie stuck to the roof with a magnet will get you a very good sampling. If you want to be fancy and have the budget, get multiple cards - kismet will sort things out so they don't overlap and you'll get more channel coverage at any given moment.

Ok. I agree with you. Networkcard Alfa with antenna, omni-directional, 5db.
I have looked at some network cards from Alfa at And I think the one below is what might be the correct one. I tried to find some more information on it, but didn't quite get satisfyed.Alfa AWUS036H Upgraded to 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g High Gain USB Wireless Long-Rang WiFi network Adapter with 5dBi Antenna - for Wardriving & Range Extension

QUESTION 1: When it states b/g, does it also get the "n" networks?
QUESTION 2: From the picture of it, it seems that you could almost put the whole networkcard on the car roof and extend it with an extra USB wire to the laptop. Can I do that? Or do I still need an external / other antenna?
QUESTION 3: Is this the type of network card with antenna that you mentioned?
If it is I will buy it.

Here is a link to the amazon page:

I am guessing that I need to disable my internal network card when I use this, but I will get back to you on that.

I know that my post might be reaching a little bit outside the Kismet forum normal questions, but I need to start somewhere, before I really get into Kismet.

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