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Posted by:kaefert
Subject:Kismet drone on router Ubiquiti Bullet M
Date:07:19:19 08/10/2011

Hi there! I am still trying to get that kismet_drone on router + kismet_server on a computer working for me. I had to switch routers since the one I used before should stay online via its wifi-interface.

I now have the following situation:
When running the kismet_server directly on the router, it works well (see log)

But when I run the kismet_drone it seems to work at first, but as soon as I let a kismet_server connect to it from remote, it will die by segmentation fault (see log)

And here would be the log of the kismet_server running on a netbook connecting to drone:
(restarted the drone a few times after segmentation fault)

I'm afraid that you're gonna tell me that I have to build myself a new drone for the router :(

both the kismet_drone as the kismet_server running on the router are (as previously stated) installed from here:

The Kismet_Server running on my netbook has been checked out from your svn and built yesterday.

Thanks again for the great support, regards Thomas

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