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Posted by:usmanca
Subject:signal strength with wrt54gl
Date:23:11:17 07/10/2011

> At first, sorry for my bad english.
> I searched in the forum, but i didn't find a good answer to my questions.
> For a project I need the recieved signal strength from any reachable AP (and when it's possible also from clients). I have to use WRT54GL routers and a Ubuntu PC. It doesn't matter if I use DD-WRT or OpenWrt. Now I use the kismet-2006-04-R1-wrt54 files on my wrt54, but with that I don't get the signal and noise.
> I want to use the current version, but I dont know how I can (cross-)compile them. Can somebody help me with that? Maybe someone know a good HowTo!?
> And is it possible to get the signal and noise from the wrt or is it impossible?
> Help me, please!!
> Ben

Did you managed to cross-compile the new version of kismet, i am also stuck with the same problem. I have wrt54gl and want to run new kismet drone on it that could pass me the signal strength information. ?
Any leads ?

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