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Posted by:kaefert
Subject:Kismet drone on router Ubiquiti Bullet M
Date:19:42:45 06/10/2011

> Looks like they built kismet wrong and it's missing libnl, which will kind of profoundly break things.
> You can try to make the monitor mode vap yourself (via previous command) and point kismet at it - it won't be able to take advantage of the new channel control and such, but it may work otherwise.
> >
> > About building it myself.. I mean this device is not really a power-horse, its an embedded device, i'm not sure that it has the tools and resources to build something itself.. and also i'm not that experienced with building stuff myself ;)
> With openwrt you download their build environment on a PC and it crosscompiles. It's still pretty involved.

Okey so I used that command
iw wlan0 interface add wlan0mon type monitor
sucessfully to make myself a wlan0mon device and configured kismet to use it. It doesn't throw any more error messages, but with the kismet_drone + kismet_server on my pc I still only get the channel statistics and no network information.

When I run the kismet_server directly on the router I get the network information. Wheres the difference, why does the drone+server not work the same way?

On my netbook I'm using "kismet-2011.03.2a.i386.deb" downloaded from here.

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