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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet drone on router Ubiquiti Bullet M
Date:17:43:43 06/10/2011

> Hi there, thanks for this extensive support, i really apreciate it!
> The device is running (a modified) version of openwrt [0xFF-Backfire Vienna 1.5 (r1075) / LuCI Trunk (trunk+svn7606)]
> Which includes the package manager "opkg". For installing kismet I added this repository to the opkg.conf -->
> which includes kismet-*_2009-06-R1-2_ar71xx.ipk

Looks like they built kismet wrong and it's missing libnl, which will kind of profoundly break things.

You can try to make the monitor mode vap yourself (via previous command) and point kismet at it - it won't be able to take advantage of the new channel control and such, but it may work otherwise.

> About building it myself.. I mean this device is not really a power-horse, its an embedded device, i'm not sure that it has the tools and resources to build something itself.. and also i'm not that experienced with building stuff myself ;)

With openwrt you download their build environment on a PC and it crosscompiles. It's still pretty involved.

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