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Posted by:kaefert
Subject:Kismet drone on router Ubiquiti Bullet M
Date:09:20:57 06/10/2011

> > hmm.. no there is no seperate wlan0mon device, and the card should have been in monitor mode while i was making that pcap dump..
> > See this log where I run the kismet_server and put it in background and then run ifconfig again -->
> If you look at the pcap, however:
> dragorn@drd1812 ~/wavehack/ubm $ tcpdump -r foo.pcap
> reading from file foo.pcap, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet)
> it's definitely not from a monitor mode wifi device.
> Are you using the latest version of kismet? What drivers are you using? Kismet should absolutely be making a monitor mode VAP.
> Were you missing libnl when kismet was built?
> ERROR: Source 'wlan0' doesn't have mac80211 support, disabling VAP
> creation of default monitor mode VAP
> implies that you were - a mac80211 device is going to behave awfully badly if you don't have libnl; I imagine it's not properly setting mode since a vap can't be mode-changed in mac80211, you're supposed to make a new VAP via nl.
> If you really can't easily recompile kismet with proper netlink support, a hack would be to make a vap manually with iw:
> iw wlan0 interface add wlan0mon type monitor
> and then point Kismet at that.
> I'm adding more explicit checks to Kismet now to detect this situation and punt more explicit errors.

Hi there, thanks for this extensive support, i really apreciate it!
The device is running (a modified) version of openwrt [0xFF-Backfire Vienna 1.5 (r1075) / LuCI Trunk (trunk+svn7606)]
Which includes the package manager "opkg". For installing kismet I added this repository to the opkg.conf -->
which includes kismet-*_2009-06-R1-2_ar71xx.ipk

About building it myself.. I mean this device is not really a power-horse, its an embedded device, i'm not sure that it has the tools and resources to build something itself.. and also i'm not that experienced with building stuff myself ;)

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