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Posted by:thrashor
Subject:Problem compiling plugin-ptw on BT5R1
Date:20:32:36 05/10/2011

> > Getting close now. I did the symlink option and now make in the plugins-ptk source dir gives:
> >
> > root@bt:/usr/src/kismet/plugin-ptw# make
> > g++ -rdynamic -shared -rdynamic aircrack-crypto.o aircrack-ptw2-lib.o aircrack-kismet.o -o -ldl -lm -lnl -lstdc++ -lssl -lpthread -lcrypto
> > /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lssl
> > collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> > make: *** [] Error 1
> Now you're missing libssl; either it's not installed or it's installed somewhere your system doesn't know to look for it (who did the SSL build for this thing? It's all sorts of wonky.)
> find it, and add -L/path/to/the/directory/its/in to the start of the LIBS line in the makefile, or symlink it to /usr/local/lib/

Used the simlink approach - and I had to do the same with libcrypto. I can now compile and run plugin-ptw.

However, the ptw plugin is not behaving as it did when I used to run it under BT4. It notices WEP access points, adds the couple of WEP lines to the bottom of WEP network detail screen, but strangely, notifies me that it is collecting PTW data on a given BSSID, but it does not seem to initiate a cracking attempt, even after 100,000+ encrypted data packets have been collected? There is no info message about failed or successful attempts. And even when I have 100,000+ encrypted packets in the bag, the WEP IV count near the bottom of the network details screen states IV counts in the single digits. Weird.

If I run aircrack-ng from the command line against Kismet's pcap file containing the captured WEP packets, it recovers the key in about 1 second. I guess I could also run aircrack in my kismet tool talk tomorrow, but I really don't want to introduce a new tool.

Any ideas? I can't find anything in the docs about this.


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